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It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow which means it’s time to celebrate, cosy up and watch some good old soul-warming shows on the box. I was meant to be going to New York this weekend with friends. Very sadly it didn’t happen so i’ll be thinking of America in spirit and reminding myself of what it might have been like.

Television shows to watch with big themes of friends and family? (I mean, what show doesn’t…)

New Girl, Friends, Frasier, Roseanne (what a classic), The OC, Brothers & Sisters, Ally McBeal (the firm is like a family!), Modern Family (of course), Malcolm in the Middle 

And sooo many more of course. But those are my favourites.

Films to watch?

The Family Stone (yes it’s more dysfunctional but actually more real in that respect – and very relatable. And just a lovely film), Meet the Parents, Brooklyn, About a Boy, We Bought a Zoo, The Holiday, Home Alone, Father of the Bride, anything directed by Wes Anderson, Grease, Mrs Doubtfire, It’s a Wonderful Life, It’s Complicated

Here are a few members of my extended family in the meantime.







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