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Films & Your Weekend

Happy Friday, friends. We made it! How has your week been? Any fun plans this weekend?

Tonight I’m going to a food festival in Peckham with my bestests. Tomorrow I’m spinning (healthy balance and all). Then I’m heading home to see my dad, go for a meal and on to the cinema. A perfect Saturday night. Our choices so far: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (obviously), Arrival, or The Accountant. I think the latter would be most up my dad’s street. Though secretly I might just book Fantastic Beasts tickets without him looking….

Want to incorporate films into your weekend? Hanging out in London? Why not book a trip to the cinema yourself. My favourite Picturehouse cinemas are pretty booked up with FB tickets. So if you’re not lucky in that department try:

The Innocents

A Streetcat Named Bob

Nocturnal Animals

Bridget Jones’s Baby (I’m hoping you’ve already seen this though?!)

I, Daniel Blake

Doctor Strange


Want to go a bit more out there? Why not try:

Rachel Maclean’s Wot u 🙂 about? at the Tate Britain – A multimedia artist using screens, fairy tales and children’s TV programmes in her set up…

The Black Star BFI Film Festival. Find out what’s on here:


Want to be cosier? How about visiting these lush cinemas:

Electric cinema

The Roxy Bar & Screen

Everyman Cinemas

The Aubin Cinema

The Lexi

And I know I’ve mentioned it. But my favourite cinema is The Ritzy. It’s not especially VIP like the others, but I think it’s fabulous. Like something out of a 1920s film. Inception at its finest.

Here is a picture of me against a pink wall. Trying to look cool.




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