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Double Jeopardy is on at 10pm tonight. I know – it’s late and it’s ITV4 (channel..what?) Not exactly mainstream viewing. But it excited me that it’s on tv in the flesh (if you know what I mean). I just love 90s American films. The ones in the back of your DVD collection, the ones on NOW TV, Sky Cinema, Netflix – that don’t spring to mind at first. But when they do, and you give them another go, it’s brilliant. Maybe save this one for a Sunday afternoon? Let’s not forget that tonight we are already taken up with Westworld followed by Divorce on Sky Atlantic. Ah Tuesdays, I love you.

If you could pick your favourite 90s film, what would it be? Jurassic Park, American Beauty, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan? Or more in the Double Jeopardy bracket….Drive me Crazy, Runaway Bride, Never Been Kissed, You’ve Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping? (you’ve got to watch this one at Christmas!) There must have been a boom of love in 1999 because MY GOD…Rom Coms were off the charts.



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