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A History Lesson

I’ve been watching The Crown. All weekend. And it’s brilliant. Largely because of the acting but also because of the learning. Reminding myself of history, of politics.

Ever watched a film or television show and felt informed after? Of course you have. There are so many productions out there like that. Think The Tudors, Rome, The Vikings, Game of Thrones (kidding), Elizabeth, Downfall, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, The King’s Speech, Frost/Nixon….

Heck even shows on TV at the moment like the new My Mother and Other Strangers tell us about the past.

So let’s not forget that television and film (when you pick the right ones) can be informative. Old Square Eyes doesn’t need to be a put down.

Look out for Zadie Smith’s NW tonight if you fancy watching something on live TV again.






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