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Did you see my Instagram post this morning? (@screenstersays) Sharon Horgan is in London’s Stylist magazine. She talks about her latest project, Divorce, coming to HBO on 11th October, and starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. Very excited about this.

There are a lot of inspiring females in and around our screens at the moment. That’s the way it should always be! Horgan has been behind some great productions – I was involved in one of them back when I worked in TV production. More of these please.

I’ve recently got into Jessica Jones on Netflix after a friend recommended it. I wouldn’t have really considered it before but Krysten Ritter, the title character, is a must match (and it’s a Marvel production too!).

Here are some other women I’m also glad are on our screens:

-Jeannie Berlin as DA Helen Weiss, the prosecutor in Sky Atlantic’s The Night Of. There’s something about her – a grounded, natural performance, that has me completely absorbed.

-Michelle Keegan in Our Girl. She’s not as epic as some of the actresses on our screens, but she’s doing a bloody good job.

-Who can forget Gillian Anderson in The Fall. She’s back with a bang and I’m so happy. I WOULD like to see some more levels to her character though. Maybe a glimpse of a laugh?

-Evan Rachel Wood in the new Sky drama Westworld. I haven’t noticed her before but she’s great.


Look out for Anna Maguire’s short film Your Mother and I. I have worked with her before and this short looks a winner. (Anna also played the little girl in the epic Saving Private Ryan so…you know)

I’m also looking forward to seeing American Honey starring Riley Keough. A brilliant, captivating actress. Look out for it.



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