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Him, Her, Them

Oh Divorce. You were so bitter sweet last night. I loved it. The ice cold setting, the bickering friends, the relationship-pulling dog. It’s brilliantly written by Sharon Horgan and if you haven’t tuned in yet, please catch up on this Sky Atlantic series.

Westworld – you take a lot of my thinking power to realise what’s going on. I was trying to text my mum at the same time. But nooooo – you can’t do that and expect to have a clue what’s happening. It’s dark, mysterious and shocking but is certainly worth your time. The scenery is magic, the cast is stellar – this Sky series has come at the right moment. Thank you autumn.

Tonight, a new series begins on ITV at 9pm. Him has been described as ‘a three-part domestic horror drama’. Nice. If you’re not sure whether you can hack this (and The Fall has taken up all your thriller capacity), catch up on Tutankhamun on ITV Player. I spoke to the producer of this show yesterday. A lovely man. It has been described as an ‘Egyptian Downton’ – pretty deserving of this title.

Happy hump day, screensters.



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