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Black Mirror

Season 3 is back with a vengeance on Netflix. Just in time for Halloween…and it’s bloody frightening. I’m not just referring to the spider/human amalgamation in episode 3 Playtest. But simply that this could all be real.

Episode 1 – Nosedive is a must watch. The pastel grading and Desperate Housewives-esque surroundings make a great contrast to the hellish world that is of being constantly rated online. It’s not just online though. That’s the problem. Their online rating affects their real lives, and it’s terrifying.

Next on the list, Playtest, features Wyatt Russell (Goldie Hawn’s son!) as laidback American traveller desperate to make a quick buck at an immersive game-making company. It’s a brilliant premise with plenty of hide-behind-your-hands moments, but I don’t feel the ending lived up to the momentum of the show. It could have been so much more interesting had we glimpsed at the character’s life in the future and how he was affected.

Shut Up and Dance is a fantastic piece of writing. Certainly a departure from the glitz and polish of Nosedive but hard hitting. I had to pause and watch something else as it was so distressing. Poor Kenny (at least I think so). You’ll see what I mean if you see it. Let me know what you think. And…BE CAREFUL OF TECHNOLOGY!

I’m halfway through San Junipero, episode 4, and to be honest – it’s not my favourite. But I’ve heard it’s a winner so i’m sticking at it. And the acting of Mackenzie Davis is so good, I really don’t mind. Plus the 80s set and costumes are on point.

Well done, Charlie Brooker.




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