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Top Ten

On Thursday, a little show I did with the boys from Mandem on the Wall (you might recognise Joivan from a few things like Eastenders & Doctor Who) went live on BBC Three: Top Ten Ways to Get Girls.

I told you I was an actress and not just a jibber jabberer (but I mean, blink and you’ll miss me!)

It was a lovely little shoot and the boys were great. And my friends, god I love them, shared it everywhere on their Facebook pages. Bless them.

Yesterday I had my first flying lesson and it was magical. I’ve flown before in light aircrafts but never really taken control. And this felt totally different. I have a taste for it now (just give me some money to have more lessons!).
It got me thinking about my favourite aviation films, like:

Top Gun (of course) – also I nearly said Top Gear there – it’s definately not Top Gear

Catch Me If you Can


The Aviator

Maybe I’ll also watch the latest Star Wars film and Avatar too – they’ve got great female roles in the flying seat! That’s inspiration right there.

Tomorrow’s my film club night. We’re getting together to watch a classic. Can you guess which?! I’ll send you photos…..



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