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Sun, Seville and Sing-a-longs

Last week I watched Bridget Jones’s Baby with friends at Brixton Ritzy. And it was bloody brilliant. It could have all gone Pete Tong. BJones is a classic, legendary, British film. A favourite. A Christmas pleaser. An all-round entertainer. So there was worry it wouldn’t live up to the two other films before it. But my God, did it deliver.

It’s not an Oscar winner, sure. But it was a laugh-a-minute-type. My friends had tears in their eyes. A highlight had to be Bridget’s pal Miranda, played by the witty and wonderful Sarah Solemani. The chemistry and casting of all the characters were spot on. (Well done, once again, Nina Gold).

The next morning I travelled to Seville with three other friends to head to my university mate’s wedding. It. Was. Stunning. Like something from a Pinterest board. And my holiday around it was pure joy too… (Gosh, I sound like a happy bean at the moment). It was so nice to spend some sun and fun times with friends. Relaxing outdoors, eating good food, dancing and drinking. Bliss. Here’s us on the best wedding table around:


On the flight out there, a lady in the seat in front of me got progressively drunk and as we touched down, she blared Taylor Swift’s ‘Lovestory’ out of her ears, miming the lyrics to her heart’s content. This lady must have been about fifty years old and looked like she had early onset of Parkinson’s disease. Sorry if this is a huge misdiagnosis (i’ll never know) but my granddad had it and I have seen how it can affect people. Bless her – it really struck a chord in me. I thought to myself….GREAT for you. You sing Lovestory, you drink your wine, you enjoy yourself. We all have guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures. We all enjoy entertainment. We all have music/films/television shows we listen to and watch, to remind us that life isn’t so bad and can be pretty sweet.

So let’s think about the good stuff on the box coming up.

On the big screen, look out for:

The Infiltrator & Hunt for the Wilderpeople as well as Swiss Army Man – My GOD, I am extremely looking forward to this. Have you seen the trailer? (

And on demand:

Easy on Netflix (with Orlando Bloom – yes, he has done an actual acting job)

Our Girl on BBC iPlayer (catch up on this series – it’s really good and Michelle Keegan is a great fit – plus she’s called Georgie in it!)

And live on TV:

Paranoid, a new crime drama, starts on ITV this Thursday at 9pm. I think it’ll be a good’un.



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