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With the heat rising around the presidential campaign, I thought it only appropriate to talk about all things political-tv-drama. These programmes are well-written, packed full of action and now…topical! So what’s good to watch at the moment?

The West Wing – sadly it’s not on UK Netflix but it is on NOW TV. It’s a classic and you won’t be disappointed. (I’m sure you could also find the boxset in a charity shop somewhere….I found my favourite film today for 99p…Blue Valentine!)


House of Cards – Ah Mr Spacey, Ms Wright. You’re BRILLIANT

The Good Wife – Another political thriller with a stellar cast

Scandal – I started watching this with my old housemate and friend, Cess. It was a slow burner for us but the character of Olivia Pope is excellent. Plus it’s created by Shonda Rhimes who was the brains behind Grey’s Anatomy

Madam Secretary – I haven’t seen this but Tea Leoni plays newly appointed US Secretary of State

The Newsroom – A great political drama with Jeff Daniels in. I loved him in 101 Dalmatians (what a film) so that sold it for me. This was also created by Aaron Sorkin – the man behind Breaking Bad. You’re in for a treat

Veep – a hilarious show by Armando Iannucci

Nashville – It doesn’t immediately strike as this type of drama but singing and guitars aside, there is a strong political theme

In other news:

Our Girl is back tonight on BBC1 at 9pm


Season 3 of The Fall will be on our screens BBC2 tomorrow at 9pm




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