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Oxford & Treasures

Oxford. My weekend of soul searching, walking and….getting really lost. OK I exaggerate – I didn’t do THAT much soul searching. But it was nice to get a breather from London.

I saw the sights of Harry Potter and more. It’s a really beautiful place. Any student who lived here for 3 years should consider themselves very lucky. (I would have just spent my time stalking the HP crew though).


In other news did you see the new Channel 4 show, National Treasure? Me neither, but my friends did – and they mentioned it was worth a watch. I’m still catching up with The Night Of. But finding it a little difficult to get through. It was thrilling at the start – this innocent doe-eyed man gets mixed up in a crime (that I don’t think he did). But now it’s gone all Bad Girls on us and we are quite literally stuck. In a prison. With cringey references such as ‘so and so wants to see you in his cell room’. Cue Naz, the main character, walking into some bad boy’s room where the prison guard locks the door after him. It feels a bit dramatic and cliche. The boss man wants to see you. Your highness will see you now. Instead I want to know more about THAT night. It’s unfair of me, I know. I haven’t finished the series so who knows what’s around the corner. I just hope it ain’t more – ‘step into my office’ chat.



I’m off to see Bridget Jones’s Baby tonight. I can’t wait. And….Patrick Dempsey vs Colin Firth?

PLEASE. It’s a no brainer (quite appropriate if anyone’s a fan of Grey’s). How can you resist this guy…




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