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My weekend was jam packed full of movie and television action (life IS like the movies). On Saturday I went to Friends Fest & Sunday was Amy Schumer live at the O2. (Along with a trip to Ikea with mum to recreate the infamous 500 Days of Summer date scene….and for meatballs).


You had to take Friends Fest in your stride. It was full of super fans and much of it was a photo opportunity rather than a chance to enjoy things. Also the sets were ‘travel sized’ and not the real deal. But….I’m sure they’ve got cheaper ways to show people Friends than cart the ACTUAL set around all the time. The poster above the television was the real thing though. OOOOOh.


Now Sunday WAS a funday. It started with Ikea and ended with Amy. What a combination. I had to go to on my tod because there was a mix up with the tickets and sadly my best friend got left in the lurch 🙁 So there I was, laughing on my own, wishing I was with my friend. But I still had a great time. Cos Amy’s that kinda performer. Just. Brilliant. I’m going to start watching more Inside Amy Schumer. Have you seen it? I must admit, I think I prefer her stand up rather than the sketches…they can be a little (dare I say it) too blatant for me. But I just totally admire her and laugh along with her. And think she is a brilliant role model.


This week I’m working at Fudge Park Productions (old name: Bwark Productions) – makers of The Inbetweeners. The current show in production is White Gold – a new show with Ed Westwick and a couple of The Inbetweeners boys. Recognise the name?

 *Smirks* – ‘I’m Chuck Bass’……ring any bells?

Tonight if you’re after more nostalgia, look out for Cold Feet on ITV at 9pm.







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