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Olym (picnics)

You must know by now that the Rio Olympics are in full swing. Literally. People. Swinging. Everywhere. Off diving boards, on gymnastics boards, waving their arms in the pool. It’s very exciting.

Last night Simone Biles stole the show – taking home a Gold medal for the USA. What a heroine.

As you know, I don’t normally talk about television programmes that are real life/factual/’reality’ shows – but this one’s an exception. Please have a glance – even if you’re making your dinner and want to have some background noise. It’s a great thing to feel part of.

Here’s me with my friend Lou, playing tennis last night. We felt inspired. And it was lovely. Why not head out and breathe some fresh air before summer ends. Have an olym-picnic. (See what I did there?) Pretend to be a gymnast and cartwheel on the common, find your local outside gym and try your chances as the next Louis Smith. Or just sit and indulge in some scotch eggs and discuss the next event.





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