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The Secret Fair

This weekend has been glorious. Thank you summer Gods for finally giving us what we wanted – llamas and meerkats. Oh sorry, sun. But llamas and meerkats did make an appearance this weekend at the Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell park. It was lovely! Although absolutely rammed. A little less provincial than what I experienced last time…

So to top off our two days of freedom (filled with bike rides, drinks, fairs and shows) I watched The Secret Agent on BBC One at 9pm last night. As I was saying to my friends, we are all desperate to fill The Night Manager void. And did it?? Well, despite the fact I had to Google what was going on, I enjoyed it. 

What else did I watch this weekend? Ummmm….. Ab Fab The Movie. Yeah, so I wasn’t going to really talk about this one. You know me, I’m not here to be a reviewer, I’m just imparting all my (excellent) knowledge onto you. But put it this way…maybe don’t go and see it? A very thin script. To say the least.

Get out there and go and enjoy some rooftop cinema clubs this summer. When you come back from a hot and sticky day in the sun, stick on a good show! I certainly needed to sit down and unwind after cycling to Richmond park and back yesterday. (My bum hurts from the saddle, is that normal??)

See? It’s all about picking your moments. Oh, and choosing the good stuff.



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