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First came Johnson then came Fromage, sorry Farage. Then came Evans. Chris Evans. You know – the one on Top Gear? The ex-DJ?

Everyone’s stepping down. Timing out. That’s it. Things got tough and they’re bailing.

I felt a bit like quitting at the weekend. It’s been a bit of a shit few months – excuse my French. But unlike those guys, let’s keep plodding on. Ploughing through. Keep truckin’.

Things to make my week exciting:

Netball tonight, Ab Fab tomorrow night (YES), softball on Thursday, radio play on Friday and Saturday. I’m recording a radio drama with some great actors later this week. Really looking forward to it. I met the cast on Friday for a read through. I mean, I was so scared. I have watched and admired lots of them on television and felt intimidated. But as soon as we started reading our lines, I thought to myself ‘I got this’. And the director gave me a pat on the back too. All is well.

So I would say did you watch new series The Living and the Dead on the BBC last week. But I didn’t. I got too scared (I bailed). Hiding behind your pillow is not really the one on a Monday night….

How about new show Brief Encounters instead? Tonight at 9pm on ITV. About four women whose lives are transformed by Ann Summers parties.

Go on then.

(Sophie Rundle, I don’t how you do it but you are EVERYWHERE!)


Image courtesy of ITV


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