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Make the world go round. Last night, we went to an evening for one of my best friend’s start-up company launches. What a success. A great turn-out, perfect hosting and also FREE POPCORN.

If my acting career fails, at least I can ask her for a job. (!!) The girl’s done good. What do they say? If you don’t go and follow your dreams, someone else will pay you to facilitate theirs. Go out and grab life by the balls. So i’m going to SALSA tonight! (Not with friends…on my own…but that’s beside the point).

We’re going to see Finding Dory this Friday. A nice little food trip then the flicks. Great way to start the weekend. Oh and then, The BFG at the IMAX on Sunday. Followed by my friend’s cinema club. Bliss!

Are you seeing anything??



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