An Actress's Take on All-Things-Screen


London friends, anyone looked outside? Peered outside?….STEPPED outside?! *gulps* It’s awful. I protest. This is meant to be British summertime. I want my money back.

Well now you all come crawling. I see you. Over there, in the corner. Welcome! Welcome! The television beckons. It’s a cosy night in for everyone. I know what i’ll be doing – snuggling on my sofa with my friend Lou. Payday hasn’t come for me yet, the rain is here. I’m gonna get me some good programmes.

If you want a new series to sink your teeth into, check out Netflix – Stranger Things – has just started. OR better yet, go to your local cinema and watch a film! I’m off to see Ghostbusters tomorrow.


My mum. To whinge about the weather.


(PS If you’re wondering what the HELL my picture is – it’s Ghostbusters invading Waterloo station!)




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