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Haven’t these past few days been dreamy? Sweaty, uncomfortable, too-much-heat-for-a-city but great?

You asked for more dreaminess, I answered. There are plenty of good’uns hitting the cinemas at the moment. My sister and I are booked into the IMAX in a couple of weeks to watch The BFG. I was reading ShortList today (I never really read it but I like to take the magazines from the men outside Waterloo handing them out as I feel like it’s a nice gesture) and they said that ‘nothing really happens’. Ignore them.

Nothing really happens?

A tiny human gets snatched from her bed, for goodness sake! Mark Rylance is ginormous sized! Cor. If that won’t entertain you…

Or how about Star Trek Beyond? Written by our very own Simon Pegg. Not really my cup of tea but what if it’s yours?!

Here’s a picture of Frank’s rooftop bar where I was last night. Sooooo dreammmy too.




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