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What are your weekend plans? I’m at the theatre tonight, collecting my bike tomorrow (yes i’m determined to cycle around London now) and booking a holiday on Sunday!

Tonight i’m seeing a play, Stella, at Hoxton Hall with my lovely friend who I met working on reception (and who is also an actress), Elle. She’s very good at making me see everything I need to. Another one to tick off.

Which meaaaans I WILL miss Love, Nina tonight – my current favourite programme – but i’ll catch up with a lazy morning tomorrow on iPlayer (before i’ve got my bike).

I was reading about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End this morning. They’ve decided to remove the live owls from the show. Because of one going AWOL in the previews and them not being able to control it! It’s always a risk. I really want to see this but I get a bit nervous when something I loved on the screen, gets made on the stage. Or vice versa. Then again Harry Potter never disappoints.

Here’s a photo of sunny Regent’s Park last night. I played softball with my mates. Happy Friday.




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