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Tonight’s the night. The premiere of Ab Fab. The one you’ve all been waiting for. (Well…apart from Finding Dory AND The BFG). Excited doesn’t even cover it. I mean, a holiday would be nice but in the MEANTIME, let’s look forward to these.

Shall we go out and just BE fabulous? Fabulous you, fabulous me, let’s have a party.

I asked for a ticket for tonight’s premiere. I know a couple of the producers who worked on the film. Sadly they couldn’t squeeze me in (cuh) but i’ll be watching the outfits and the gloriousness from afar. Perhaps this will be the one time in recent weeks we can be proud of British things. A little gem in the storm, you might say.

Keep your eyes peeled, sweetie.


P.S I totally tried to superimpose my face onto Patsy’s face. It didn’t work. Livid.

Image courtesy of the BBC



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