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The Weekend

We had a Bank Holiday last week and this week was meant to feel shorter, right? Anyone else still feel like it dragged? EVEN though the sun was shining?

Me too.

Well the weekend is back and apparently London is going to be ‘hotter than Ibiza’. I can’t wait. What have you got planned? My friends and I will be out on a common somewhere tomorrow playing ROUNDERS! And then onto somewhere in Brixton in the evening. I’m so excited. I also have to spend the day on Sunday in Kent hitting a pinata for a music video. Mix it up.

If anyone is staying in tonight, please do tune into The Secret on ITV at 9pm. It has the brilliant James Nesbitt in (it’s episode 2 of a new series so catch up on ITV Player beforehand if you missed it!). Also on tonight is a new comedy series The Windsors. I can’t say it’s really my cup of tea but being Windsor born and bred, I thought i’d give it a shout out.

Peace x




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