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A Meeting

I met with a lovely casting director today.

People say that when an actor meets a casting director, they should be themselves. It’s easier said than done when all you want to shout is ‘GIVE ME A JOB‘ but this one was like talking to an auntie. It was nice.

(Just goes to show doesn’t it, you don’t need to be a d**k, to be successful)

We talked about my CV and how I need to get a good TV credit on there to help push me up the ladder. (Ah, that elusive acting ladder). It got me thinking. If we can make a programme about sheep (yes…there is a programme on BBC4 tonight called ‘Addicted to Sheep‘), then we can squeeze out a few more good dramas/comedies/anything-good for the viewers.

Hey Geordie Shore, step aside! Welcome in a new BBC show. Hey Big Brother, cut down your tantrums and controversy, make room for some more actors!

I’m not denying that there is an audience for these programmes. But let’s just be a little more generous.

Now I love sheep, but if there’s room for them, there’s room for humans. Programmers, pay attention. Maybe then we’ll all get seen a bit more.




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