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The Return

My bed is a state, my room is in pieces…..that’s right. It’s tax return time. The time of year every actor/performer/entrepreneur/self-employed star looks forward to.


In other news I RETURNED from Copenhagen (with a cold, thank you weather) and it was wonderful. Freezing-like-you’d-never-believe but wonderful.

Alas, I tried to visit the Oresund bridge but the weather was not permitting and instead I managed to get a cheeky 10 second glance when we initially landed at the airport.

There’s so much culture; the bars and restaurants were amazing, the places were beautiful and the people are friendly. What more could you want? (A little less cold, maybe….) Oh and I didn’t casually bump into my favourite actress Sofia Helin or the brilliant Kim Bodnia so that was a shame…..But I did make a new friend, as you can see.

What have you been up to? How was War & Peace on Sunday night? I need to catch up….





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