An Actress's Take on All-Things-Screen

The Go-To

You know the one. That programme you set yourself up with when you’re not feeling well. Mine’s Grey’s Anatomy (as if I haven’t told you enough times). But otherwise. There is choice after choice after choice.

Take Netflix for example. You can soothe your soul on the latest films or sit back and enjoy some old classics like mine and my dad’s favourite – Only Fools and Horses. Maybe you like a bit more gritty when you’re feeling rough and match it with Narcos? Or are you reliving the Sherlock days?

Whatever floats your boat, it goes to show, doesn’t it. The screen is the saver. It entertains, it comforts, it accompanies, it lifts the spirit. Heck, it even teaches us things. (Anyone learning more about Columbian history than they expected through Narcos?!)

‘I don’t watch much television’ – a classic line.

Pffff, I don’t believe you for a second. I saw you on your sofa, sneezing and coughing, reaching for the remote, catching up on the latest BBC drama.

Wear it loud and proud. It’s 2016. It’s catching up with you.



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