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Sunday Sights


Sundays always gets you thinking about the week ahead. The dread of it some might say. Well turn that frown upside down, have no fear, look forward to it! Here’s what I think you should look out for on your screens:

War and Peace tonight at 9pm on BBC 1 (James Norton is the one)

Stargazing Live Tuesday at 9pm on BBC 2 (I normally stay on the topic of dramas and comedies etc – but I this looks set to be a good’un so let’s give Tim Peake the attention he deserves)

Jericho Thursday at 9pm on ITV – If you missed out on episode 1, catch up on ITV Player.

Shetland Friday 9pm on BBC 1 

Fancy something else? Try:

Grey’s Anatomy on NOW TV (My absolute favourite at the moment)

Girls on NOW TV (An essential piece of television for the twenty-something woman out there. And everyone else)

Sherlock on Netflix



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