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Me, Myself & I

So I thought i’d do a little post about me. To put a face to the name. Make it feel a bit more….homely.

I am a trained actress. I love, live and breathe all-things television, film and theatre. It makes me incredibly happy. I grew up watching films/tv of a far away land (America – well it was to me!….). It just made me feel like anything was possible. That you could visit anywhere. Be whoever you wanted to be. And all the other cheesy cliches (that I firmly stand by).

Before going to drama school, I studied History at university. I loved it and was this <–> close to becoming a lawyer when instead I decided to go travelling. It was there I met people who encouraged to pursue my love of the arts/entertainment industry.

I went on to work in film and television production where I worked bloody hard and met some wonderful people (some, not so much). And then to drama school. A huge challenge. But worth it.

And since, i’ve been involved in television, short films, theatre and radio dramas. It has been a long old process but when I’m in a job, it’s wonderful. When i’m not, it’s tough but I have a great side job to keep me ticking along. I work on the reception of an advertising agency who are incredibly generous to me and flexible in allowing me to go off for auditions and acting jobs at the drop of a hat. For actors’ side businesses, it’s a great one to have.

And now i’m here. It’s January the 6th and i’m on reception. I’ve sent about a million emails today (it feels like). To casting directors mostly. But also to friends, plugging ideas. To people i’ve met in the industry, planting the seed back in their brains in the hope they might meet me again. And of course to the people within the office who I have to email about meeting rooms……………………..

I love writing this blog. When i’m not doing acting, it makes me still feel part of the world. And i’m so passionate about good entertainment. With the advent of technology, media, everything….there’s so much choice out now. And a lot of it is crap. So keep your wits about you. Bad entertainment is like junk food. It’s fun in the short term – but it does nothing to enhance your life and you’re left with a sense of guilt.

In the meantime, talk to me. Let me know what you’ve been watching. Follow my blog and keep up to date with all-things-screen.

Lots of love




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