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I can’t get enough of The Bridge. A Scandinavian drama starring Sofia Helin as the eccentric police detective Saga Noren. (My best friend really enjoys my impressions of her)

I read today in my copy of the Radio Times that series 3 will be coming to our screens this Saturday at 9pm on BBC4 .

I have a slight qualm about this.

Saturday night doesn’t really give this brilliant show a time to shine. Everyone is quite obsessed with ‘takeaway television’ like The X Factor or Strictly. Or you’ll be out dancing yourself. Though you might catch up on iPlayer, the momentum gets a little bit lost. What about Thursday? What about Wednesday? Heck what about Tuesday?! We need more great television in our lives on this night of the week.

One more thing. Couldn’t it have gone straight to BBC1? Be at the top of our radar? It’s just as good if not better than all the other television dramas out there at the moment. Let’s give it the limelight it deserves.


the bridge


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