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(I couldn’t find one hugging a mug in front of a fireplace…)

We’re creeping towards the winter months and things can get rough. I even have a ‘SAD lamp’ to help me out.

But my saving grace has always been to look out for good things on the box. Seasonal pleasers if you will. You can’t deny getting out the Radio Times at Christmas. It’s just basic instinct. When the weather turns cold, we turn to our TV.

Here’s what I think we have to look forward to this autumn:

  • Suits. Everyday. On Netflix. It’s just a great series to watch whenever you want.
  • The Bridge. Third Series coming soon.
  • Fresh Meat. Coming soon. Channel 4.
  • The Last Panthers. Following on from the success of Fortitude. Coming soon. Sky Atlantic.
  • Peaky Blinders. Returning this autumn.
  • Catastrophe. Returning. Channel 4.

You see? Pick the right stuff and you’re in. TV is good. Just make the right choices.



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