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I’m Georgina. I am an actress who finished drama school last year. Before that, I studied History at university and went on to travel the world for a year. I’ve also got other hobbies if you’re interested…..netball/flying/dogs/my friends/skiing/general sports/family/going out/cooking…

Drama school was pretty challenging for me. I found it hard our confidence was knocked before we’d even begun. ‘It’s very hard out there‘….one sentence you’d hear a lot. ‘Only a few people make it‘…..was another. And ‘Maybe have a few more strings to your bow‘ was a favourite.

I got sick of it. Very quickly. But here I am on the flip side. I’ve just finished a play and now i’m back to lining up my next projects. And I am a proactive little bean so when i’m not doing itI want to talk about it! (Stick that in your stringed bow). And so I started Screenster.

I want to talk to people about what i’m enjoying on the tele-box; what I think is good/enjoyable/funny/entertaining/inspiring. Television can come with a stigma. My mum used to call me ‘Square Eyes‘ (I’m sure you’ve all had that one?) because I loved watching programmes. And often television is thought of as something related to laziness or wasting time. And sure, that can be the case. But not if you pick your moments and watch the good stuff. I’m currently watching ‘Narcos‘ on Netflix at the moment. And BY GUM I am learning so much about Columbian history. As well as being thoroughly entertained/horrified.

So follow me on this little TV/Film adventure if you fancy it. I’m very approachable and would always love to have a natter with you about what you’re watching.




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