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ordeal by innocence
bbc one

This new Agatha Christie drama doesn't have the best acting in it, I'm not going to lie. But it was such a nice excuse to sit down with my family during the Easter break. Plus it has Bill Nighy in it and well - you can't often go wrong with that, can you. Perfect Sunday night drama.

gianni Versace
bbc two

This American True Crime Story about the assassination of Gianni Versace is pretty compelling. The cinematography is beautiful but the story itself is obviously pretty harrowing. It's set in Miami Beach where Versace used to reside. And the guy who plays his killer is so bloody unnerving. Can't wait for the next episode.

this country
bbc three

I put this show off for ages and I finally gave in after feeling like I had nothing else to watch. And I was so pleasantly surprised. It's like a countryside version of The Office and the main characters played by Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Coopers (who are also the writers) are just wonderful.


This Judd Apatow comedy is one of my new favourite programmes. The characters are perfectly flawed yet rounded, the scenarios are relatable and it depicts relationships in all of their awkward glory. It will leave you feeling touched and humoured. Go on, give it a try.

The bold type
amazon prime

I can't recommend this TV show any more. It's base around the lives of three twenty-something women working for a magazine. But it's so much more than that - covering issues from race, to gender to illnesses. It's nuanced, it's exciting and it sure is bold. Watch it, watch it.

mrs maisel
amazon prime

I bypassed this TV show on Amazon Prime so many times. I thought it looked like it had all the style with no substance. And how wrong I was. It has a brilliant storyline with an excellent actress in the lead role. Bold and subtle in one big bundle. Highly recommend.