An Actress's Take on All-Things-Screen

At The Cinema

Phantom Thread

It's Daniel Day-Lewis's last film and apparently we should all be making a big deal about it. So i'm just going to jump on the band-wagon. But it IS meant to be brilliant. My film buff friend Tom told me this and I trust him completely. So don't let me down Tom. Or you, Daniel.

fifty shades freed

I know you're judging me for listing this. But I'm going to see it so I've got to be truthful! Plus I'm excited, I hold my hands up. We all need a bit of light relief sometimes and what's better than a Nando's night out with your girls, followed by a bit of screen frivolity.

Three Billboards

This was made by the director of 'In Bruges' which I (at first) reluctantly watched at Christmas and then absolutely loved. It has received brilliant critical acclaim and to be honest, anything that has Frances McDormand in, is worth your time. It's brilliant in an unexpected way.

The Post

I went to see this film with my dad. Other than looking forward to seeing Streep and Hanks on the ol' big screen again, I had no awareness of the movie's context. Bad, isn't it. For someone who did a History degree. And I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It's interesting, on-the-edge-of-your-seat stuff.

darkest hour

I wouldn't have signed up to this film, if my boyfriend hadn't booked me a ticket already. Despite being a History geek, I wasn't that sold. And I can't really tell you why. I think I've just had enough of films about Winston Churchill. But the acting is meant to be superb so I'm looking forward to it.

The Greatest Showman

Ohhhh my. Oh my. Oh my. You've got to see this. But don't. If you don't like singing and dancing, you'll hate it. If you love singing and dancing, or even if you're on the fence, you'll love it. I came out of the cinema feeling all happy and like miracles could happen. Sometimes it's a good kick up the butt.