An Actress's Take on All-Things-Screen

At The Cinema

isle of dogs

Touching, quirky animation from the brilliant Wes Anderson. Featuring the likes of Bryan Cranston and Scarlett Johanson (and even Yoko Ono), it's definitely worth a watch. You might not be into non-live-action films but I promise you it's worth it!


This one's a new comedy from the hero that is Judd Apatow. I haven't managed to get down to the big screen to see it yet but I've read nothing but positive reviews. Don't be put off by the silly humour. Liked Knocked Up? 40 Year Old Virgin? Love on Netflix even? Think you'll enjoy this.

Love, Simon

This gay romance drama looks like a classic teen movie i'm missing more and more of as I get into the late stages of my twenties. I haven't seen it yet but it looks heartwarming and lovely and I can't wait to curl up in the cinema on my own and give it a watch. Also starring Hannah from 13 Reasons Why!

The Greatest Showman

Ohhhh my. Oh my. Oh my. WATCH THIS  (it's still in lots of cinemas). But don't. If you don't like singing and dancing, you'll hate it. If you love singing and dancing, or even if you're on the fence, you'll love it. I came out of the cinema feeling all happy and like miracles could happen. Sometimes it's a good kick up the butt.

lady bird

I saw this with my mum. We had a Wagamama's and then popped over to the cinema and it was the perfect evening. There are times when the film feels a little bit like it needs a little kick but the performances are wonderful and there's a lot of heart here. Take your momma and giver her a hug afterwards.

Three Billboards

This was made by the director of 'In Bruges' which I (at first) reluctantly watched at Christmas and then absolutely loved. It has received brilliant critical acclaim and to be honest, anything that has Frances McDormand in, is worth your time. It's brilliant in an unexpected way.