An Actress's Take on All-Things-Screen

Film Events

They say life isn't like the movies but what about when the movies come to life, eh? Riddle me that. Think Secret Cinema. Think immersive experiences - heck, think about all the pop-up screens out there. And watching a film doesn't have to mean you're a couch potato. Quite the opposite. This festive season, use it as an excuse to get out there and embrace the Christmas spirit.

See you there? Last one to the box office buys the tickets.

Backyard Cinema

Backyard Cinema is out in all its festive spirit and you've got a range of Christmas movies (and more) to choose from. I'm going with my sister next week - thanks to the friendly team there - and I'll keep you posted on how we got on. The films to choose from include: 'The Holiday', 'Home Alone', 'Elf' and 'The Greatest Showman'. What more could you want?

Acting Workshops

I ran an 'Auditioning for the Screen' workshop with another actress this week in central London. Drop me a line on the contact page if you are an actor and fancy coming along to the next session. It's free! Yes free! (At the moment). I'm not one of those swines who is going to charge you a heap of money. And it should be very useful. Places limited!


Screenster's Film Club

OK this isn't a thing...YET. But it's going to be so watch this space. I'm also hoping to appear on London Live soon so you can tune in to that and hopefully see my face on your screens at some point - talking about what I know best. Films and television shows, obvs.

The Luna Cinema

These guys don't just come out in the sunshine - no, no. They're here for you during all the seasons. And, like our friends at Backyard Cinema, they're bringing out the Christmas favourites too. Get your hands on everything from 'It's a Wonderful Life', 'Miracle on 34th Street' and 'Love Actually'.

Movie Nights

No, not an actual organised event in London this time - just a recommendation of what you could do for a cosy night in. Because that's pretty much my dream  night. Get your friends over, get the blankets out, pick your favourite DVD or Netflix film and get watching. The thought of this literally fills me with joy. Follow me on Insta for regular updates on what screen-related activities i'm up to.

The Exhibit Balham

I love this place in Balham and actually had no idea it has its own cute little cinema. If you live in the South, make sure you check out its range of films. It's easy to forget this place as it mostly markets itself as a bar/restaurant.  The big screen area fits about 28 people, making it nice and cosy.

The Best Cinema in London

Clapham Picturehouse is my fave.  Not least because you can feel like you're sitting under the stars in the main cinema. But because it's wonderful. And it's part of the Picturehouse family. Go and support your local cinema - they'll love you for it. And in my opinion, Picturehouses are the best. The staff are friendly, the food and drink is great and it's comfy as hell. You won't be disappointed.