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Acting Work


Stage name? Not Screenster, unfortunately. It's Georgie. I trained at Drama Centre in London where I was awarded a scholarship for my place on the course. Since graduating, I have worked on the screen, on the stage and on your radio waves. Below you can see a select few of the projects I've been involved with. Click through to have a little snoop. I have an agent - yes. Please do get in touch if you have any projects you think I would be suitable for. Whilst I love writing about film and television, the end game and main passion is to be in them!




Click through to my Spotlight CV to find out more information on my credits, work and training. I have worked on the stage, on the screen and on radio. My favourite project so far? Probably filming White Gold (you can click through to this below) or recording a production of The Cherry Orchard with a wonderful team at Audible. Welcome to La La Land.


George and the Dragon is going to be an excellent production (if I do say so myself) that i'm playing the lead role in. It will be directed by the wonderful Christian Kinde at CINK productions. We've already filmed some promotion material and as you can see, it's looking pretty sharp. Watch this place. I think it will be a good'un.

Here's a little shot from a performance I did of a show called 'The Appointment' in which I played a pregnant lady who didn't know what being pregnant meant. Hmmmm. I've done various other shows in and around London and as much as I love film and television, I do love theatre too!

Have a little snoop of my showreel. The last clip you see? This was 30 and Counting made by Bwark Productions - featuring the lovely Daniel Lawrence Taylor and Brett Goldstein. I got to wear hair extensions and everything (can I keep them please?).

Just last week I recorded an audio drama called 'Casting the Runes' along with these fabulous actors. It's a brilliant piece and was directed by an excellent director so I can't wait for our handiwork to reach your ears. Coming to a radio near you soon. Stay tuned!

I'm currently performing at the Waterloo East Theatre in London. I play Procne in 'The Tapestry' - a play about the #MeToo movement. The show is running until the 15th July so get your tickets while you can! It would be lovely to see some friendly faces in the crowd. And England are out of the World Cup now excuses! (Oh yeah, there's also the sunshine)

White Gold is on BBC iPlayer  right now. Tune in to watch my glorious face for a whole scene.  OK - it's quite boy heavy but there are some good ol' female roles in there too (can't believe I have to say it like it's a novelty). It's '80s and it's quite different. So watch it if you like a laugh.

I filmed this short TV show with the Mandem on the Wall boys - and what a lovely bunch they are. I played the 'Dream Girl' (obvs, i'm such a dreamboat) - or rather, the girl they are all trying to get the attention of. Needless to say, some of their tactics aren't exactly advisable...

This was an audio production of 'The Cherry Orchard' I performed for Audible with a lovely cast including Samantha Bond, Katherine Kingsley and Freddie Fox. I played Anya and it was a wonderful experience. Have a little click through to Audible. They do brilliant stuff!