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High Five Daniel


I’ve been thinking about Daniel Day Lewis’s upcoming and final film, Phantom Thread. A friend of mine recommended it ‘wholeheartedly’ and I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. It’s released in UK cinemas this week.


DDL’s career can be defined by a handful of remarkable films. Sure, he’s done more. But then he got picky. And the Oscars loved him even more for it. So in true Lewis spirit, I started thinking about what films I would have jumped at the chance to be in. And I’ve rounded it down to a nice, neat five.



One – Top Gun

It’s fast-paced, it has aeroplanes in it and the 80s-style costumes are fantastic. I love the soundtrack, the high-speed chases, the sun sets and the romance.


Two – Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens got me hooked. I wanted to be part of the cast because then you’re part of a cult film; a movie franchise that dates back years and years and that people hold close to their hearts. Plus the script was really funny.


Three – The Notebook

And I’m not ashamed. I loved how passionate these two characters were about each other. I loved the will-they-won’t-they moments. The fact you thought their fates would never collide and then they did. The childhood sweethearts. The first love.


Four – Cast Away

I’ve never actually seen this film (I know, shocking) but I like the idea of having me, myself and I on an island, trying to work out how the hell I’m going to entertain people on screen for an hour and a half with only a volleyball for a friend.


Five – Jurassic Park

My friend (she knows who she is) wants to walk down the aisle to this theme tune. It’s epic in so many ways and can you imagine if I was born however many years earlier and starred in this? I could have told her what it’s like to actually be up close and personal with (fake) dinosaurs and luscious green surroundings. I also wouldn’t have minded being in the latest film with Chris Pratt. Those hamster ball rides did look pretty fun. But maybe I’ll stick with the original. It was Spielberg after all.



In other news, there’s a new crime drama out this week called Requiem. It’s starring the young sister from the wonderful Richard Curtis comedy About Time – you’ll recognise her. And it has been described as ‘hair raising’. Wow.



We made it through January. Next stop: Valentine’s day (Fifty Shades Darker, anyone?) and Pancake Day. I will of course be suggesting appropriate films nearer to the time.


In other OTHER news, I am holding another acting for screen workshop next week in central London. If anyone is interested in attending, please do get in touch!




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