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Television in the UK has been kicking off this year. We’ve got a good Sunday night drama going on, as well as a European crime drama and some Channel 4 gritty stuff. Not to mention a TV show about the apocalypse (they’re really trying hard, aren’t they). And so just to remind you of the good things, I’ve written a little list below.




Anyone who has read my previous posts, might know I’m quite taken with this French crime drama. The characters are all nicely formed, the chemistry between the actors is brilliant and the story line is SO intriguing. Check it out on Saturday evenings and on BBC iPlayer. I really like the relationship between Laure and Gilou, the backstory of the characters that seeps through and the parallel storylines. TV writing at its best.




This drama manages to fill some of the void The Night Manager left. I can’t say I would have cast a few of the people in the roles they were given, but the plot is exciting and it’s the ideal television show to accompany your Sunday nights. Why do I like it? It’s great to see they’ve put Russian actors in there and not just Brits with try-hard accents. I like that the show looks at the intimacy of relationships against the facelessness of criminality. Just when it starts to get a bit generic and oooh-we’re-so-fun-because-we’re-fighting-all-the-time, it manages to surprise you.



Hard Sun

I was told by some friends to watch this. It makes you think, apparently. Or rather, frightens the life out of you. But I have also heard that some of the acting is pretty terrible. I’m intrigued by the casting of Agnes Deyn here. And Jim Sturgess. Where’s he been since One Day!




I also have yet to watch this Channel 4 drama but it’s been said that Sarah Lancashire shines in it. (Again, I wouldn’t normally talk about TV shows or films I haven’t actually watched myself but because I PLAN to give these a go, that makes it ok right?!) Did anyone else catch Lancashire in Happy Valley? It’s over on Netflix if you want to give that a go. It’s bloody brilliant. As is Last Tango in Halifax.



Black Mirror

The newest series of this Charlie Brooker craze isn’t getting the usual rave reviews. In fact it’s largely just episode four and six that are getting attention. And I would thoroughly recommend the episode Hang the DJ, about a dating app that can tell you when the relationship you’re in is going to ‘expire’. But there’s so much more to it than that. Give it a watch. It’ll make you think. I also completely believed the two characters’ interest in each other. I loved Joe Cole as Frank and thought the way he played out his feelings for Amy was incredibly sweet and believable. YOU GO, YOU TWO. YOU GO GET YOUR LOVE.



Silent Witness

I’ve got a couple of friends who are quite obsessed with this programme. But I never watched it in the past – do you think I can catch up enough, or will it take years off my life?!



So there you have it. Be there or not get square eyes? Well. As I always say – watch the good shows. But in moderation. You know. Do go out and socialise too. Or get your tax return done.


Oh God.


Tax return.




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