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My Dad, Me & TV


I love going to the cinema with my dad. He’s (often) my gauge of what’s good on screen. I like catching up with him and discussing what we’ve been watching, who the good actors were and what was funny. If we’ve had a fight or not spoken in a while, it’ll be sure to bring us back together.


Truth is, my old man’s got more and more into TV and films. (Ah the beauty of retirement). And he says he largely credits this due to me. Bless. When I’m into a TV show, i’ll recommend it to him and he’ll give it a go. You might have heard me bark on about Parks and Recreation recently. And at Christmas time,  I made him sit down and watch it with me. I can’t explain the joy it gives me to see him laugh along. It’s like a bonding process. A shared passion. A (not so) secret friendship. Memories don’t have to always involve climbing a mountain, ya know. (Though now I mention it, i’m always up for that too.)


And I especially look forward to going to the flicks with him. The next film installment? Spielberg’s The Post, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. I would have taken him to see Darkest Hour but them’s the problem when you don’t live at home; you’ve got things to do and people to see. If you’re lucky enough to live reasonably near to your parents and have a spare evening where you just want to sit and chill, I’d recommend scheduling time with them to watch the good stuff.


So next step with dad = sorted. (He’s always interested in Tom Hanks films. We went to see Sully together and I was balling my eyes out). Other movies I think he will be interested in include Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Early Man (yes, really) and Journey’s End, out in February. He’s also recently got me into Spiral on BBC iPlayer. It’s a French cop series. I forgot how much I love a crime drama. And the actors are bloody brilliant. My dad texted me about four times mentioning this programme and I sort of ignored it. And now it’s the main thing I tell people to watch. Have a gander.


So go on – take a family member out. Do a little Wagamama’s trip and book in to see your favourite show after. (I also recommend The Greatest Showman, as said in my previous post. Maybe your mum would like it?).


I hope you’ve been having lovely weeks. We made it to mid January. Things can only get better.







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