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How to Cope with the Choice on Netflix


Netflix is all around us – our mums talk about it, our dads watch it, we discuss the latest shows we’ve been watching with friends. We can’t escape. And yet, once you click through into that shiny red portal, it’s an assault course. There’s choice after choice after choice. WHAT DO WE POSSIBLY GO FOR?!


The Netflix gurus obviously try to help us out by suggesting what they think we might like based on our previous choices (thanks cookies). And in my case, I can see what my mates have been watching (thanks multiple login).


But the thing is…..there’s too much choice.


If you’re like me and enjoy watching TV shows/films that are more current (except for my recent obsession with the now-slightly-dated-Australian-comedy ‘Offspring’), you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for the Netflix Originals section. These are the Flix’ hotspots – the fashionistas, if you will. Think Breaking Bad, Gypsy, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos…and so on. They’re the ones we all know about – the big hitters – the attention grabbers– ‘NETFLIX JUST ANNOUNCED THEIR LATEST SERIES……………’. The guys in red know what they’re doing.





Because when you think about it, Netflix has a LOT of crap on it. I mean – it really does. There are things ranging from straight-to-DVD-Z-list-films, to movies like White Chicks and then very old and niche BBC dramas set on the islands of Scotland that aired on television about 10 years ago.


I’m intrigued to know how their selection process works and what they consider their main audience type to be. Though it seems the world and its wife are watching this popular streaming channel– it would take a certain someone to actively rake up the former episodes of Foyle’s War and dedicate their time to this. (Hi dad!)


So here’s my timely advise on how to navigate it……………..



-Login (job’s a good’un)


-Have a glance at your Keep Watching bar (you can have a gander at what your friends who have stolen your Netflix password, might be getting their teeth into as well)


-Look out for the Netflix Originals selection. If you want to go current, these are going to be your best mates. For example, at the time I’m writing this (6th November), the latest picks include Stranger Things 2 and Alias Grace.


-If you’re still not sure, have a glance at ‘Trending Now’ or ‘Popular on Netflix’. These are the other TV shows/films that lots of people are enjoying at the moment (or so they say…..)


-Choose between  a TV show or a film, and stick to it. Go on; make life easier for yourself.  


-Above all of this, keep your eyes peeled on me. Well, Screenster. That’s what I’m here for. I want to make your life easier by directing you to the good stuff. So go on. Stay tuned with my On Right Now section, as well as the homepage which will give you a quick glimpse into my current TV habits.


And then you’re off………….


Happy viewing.




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