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I saw La La Land for the second time yesterday and took my friend Emma. I had to reassure her the film wouldn’t be TOO ‘singing and dancing’. She’s a bit like my sister in this respect; you have to drag her kicking and screaming sometimes. We nearly saw Lion but I resisted. I thought…. ‘this will be good for her’. (Ok. Maybe I’m doing her a bit of a disservice but….) I wanted to immerse myself in a singing, dancing world again. Who doesn’t on a rainy Sunday?

I was thinking about Ryan Gosling this time around. What a brilliant actor . He’s not only versatile but self-deprecating. And that’s a quality I really like. Life’s too short – laugh at yourself a bit.

Here are some crackers he has been in, to name a few:


The Big Short

The Place Beyond the Pines


Crazy, Stupid Love

Blue Valentine

The Notebook

Remember the Titans


Blue Valentine is one of my favourite films. The acting is stunning, the cinematography is beautiful, the storyline is incredibly poignant and sad. And it gets you right in the gut. But that’s why I love it. Michelle Williams and Ryan? What a wonderful combination. Ryan and Emma? Magical. Ryan and Rachel? Romance. Ryan and Eva? Family.

He does it every time!

Keep up the good work.

Screenster x




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